Subtle flavours, delicate textures, vivid colours. There is little that can compare that first sensuous mouthful of truly great sashimi. Simple, finely sliced raw fish – sashimi is a tactile taste experience. You always know the dish must be high quality when there's no hiding behind other sauces or zany flavour medleys. It's a single spotlight solely on the delicately sliced fish – and it's a true staple of Japanese cuisine.

Sashimi is perfect as part of a larger feast – basically like Japanese tapas – contrasting with the sometimes weird and always wonderful nigiri, maki and sushi combinations with its sweet simplicity. The guys at Sushi-Si, Sushi Mirage and Kynoto Sushi-Bar keep things traditional and serve up their sashimi it all its simple glory.

A rainbow of fish

To get that unique silky texture, fish is skinned, filleted and finely sliced using special Japanese cutting techniques that leave us in awe. Respecting the visual space around the dish, sushi chefs flawlessly present sashimi as artfully as they carve it. Just because this delight is simple in its ingredients doesn't mean it's simple in its appearance – chefs go all out with their stunning creations that deserve first a moment to be eaten by the eyes before you dive in chopsticks first. 

Fresh, delicate origins

The love of sashimi runs deep, with its origins rooted in coastal Jomon villages from centuries ago. And the dish has continued flourished for hundreds of years. Traditionally it's eaten alone – shining that spotlight on the main event – but can be accompanied with soy sauce and wasabi for an extra kick and zing of flavour. At Kynoto Sushi-Bar they pair their sashimi up with shredded daikon radish and a mint shiso leaf to mix up those textures.

They take their sashimi seriously in Japan. Even to the point that it's considered rude to wear perfume or aftershave to a Japanese restaurant as your favourite fragrances might intervene with the delicate taste of the fish. It's a good rule to follow to maximise your appetising sashimi experience – don't worry, you can thank us later.

Sashimi vs sushi

To the untrained eye, sashimi may seem like the identical twin sibling of sushi. But all your Japanese cuisine enthusiasts will know that traditional sashimi is different to sushi because it's served without vinegared rice. With its rawness and freshness, what you see with sashimi is what you get. It's a truly unpretentious and delightfully tasting dish – it turns out simple really is best.

With at least 21 varieties of sashimi out there you're spoiled for choice. Though it's salmon, tuna and seabass that are at the top of the sashimi podium, and that's what you'll find at Sushi-Si and Sushi Mirage. The guys at Kynoto Sushi-Bar offer up these favourites, alongside their fillets of their Japanese-style marinated mackerel with a tart ponzu sauce to keep it company. Order a platter if you want a taste of everything, it'll come filled with vibrant shades of deep coral salmon, ruby red tuna and pearly white sea bass.

Taste one of Japan's most famous dishes, order your sashimi today here on Deliveroo.

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