If you're looking for the greatest noodle of all, look no further than udon. Thick, hearty and soft, these chunky Japanese specialities are the true heavyweight noodle champions.

As our love of fast, fresh pan-Asian food grows, we've been busy tucking into udon across the country. So if you're hankering after some noodle action, check out the masters over at Wok Show, Wok to Walk and Wok And Bao.

Get your udon on

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Made from wheat and coming in at around half a centimetre wide, udon are the chunkiest number in the noodle world. And if noodles are your go-to comfort food, nothing will pick you up like a bowl of these hefty hitters.

Noodles are primed for picking up other flavours from the wok, and udon's size mean they gather up more than most. You can find them simply plunged into a traditional delicate broth of dashi, soy sauce and mirin, topped with spring onions, or they'll be bundled into a sizzling stir-fry, brimming with fresh produce and Asian flavours.

Ancient master of noodles

Udon is the grand-daddy of Japanese noodles. They were eaten before the buckwheat soba noodle, and long before the well-loved ramen. Like many of Japan's ancient traditions, the exact origin of udon gets a bit foggy. And we know is that they've been gracing dinner bowls for at least several hundred years.

A bowl of steaming broth with udon – perhaps topped with crispy tempura – has long been a go-to across Japan in the chilly months. But turn up the heat and summer sees udon starring in fresh, vibrant salads as well.

Way of the udon

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Spain is bursting with top spots for when the udon cravings hit. For a taste of classical udon, head to Wok Show where our star of the show is simply whipped up with fresh veggies and egg. They switch up the sauces over at Wok and Bao, so find everything from curry and coconut, spicy soy numbers and sweet and sours to oyster or peanut. We love our noodles with their Silk Route, a vibrant mix of basil, ginger and lemon.

If you prefer a little bit of variety at dinner time, Wok to Walk is the place for you. Here you get to choose your udon companion, so take your pick from beef, chicken and pork to shrimp, squid and plenty of tofu.

There's nothing quite like a steaming bowl of udon. Check out your noodle choices here on Deliveroo.

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