Sporting the perfect balance between sweet and spicy flavours, the Indian mango curry dish has become a popular takeaway favourite. For those of us who aren't chilli fiends, cream or milk can be subbed in for a milder finish, or the heat can be turned all the way up by adding in some authentic spices.

Super versatile and offering up the best of both worlds, you'll find this contrasting creation popping up in curry houses across Spain, with restaurants like Indian Palace, Restaurante de la India and Indian Curry House serving it up in style.

Location matters

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Indian cuisine is hugely diverse, made up of a set of cooking methods and cultural traditions that have been passed down in countless recipes over hundreds generations. And it doesn't stop there, each dish is influenced by regional differences, from the cooking methods to local ingredients.

So with Indian eats, you'll find many of your favourite meals can vary massively in terms of how they're prepared and the ingredients used. But despite the differences across the country, when it comes to the humble mango curry, you'll find three mainstay ingredients that always crop up – mango, coconut and chicken.

Preparation is key

For an authentic, hearty mango curry, most chefs will turn to chicken as the main source of protein, as its mild flavour is perfect for absorbing spices. Local herbs are mixed together to whip up a marinade paste, and then the chicken and mango chunks are added to it to soak in all its goodness.

Then, the chicken is fried at a sizzlingly hot temperature to develop a crisp outer coating, but without fully cooking the meat. The mango pieces, remaining paste and vegetables are then tossed in, before coconut milk – or sometimes cream – is subbed in to cool the dish down. This is then left to bubble while the mango and chicken cook through to get that unbeatable tenderness that we all know and love.

Spain meets India

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Restaurante de la India swear by their philosophy of keeping things simple with their Chicken Multan dish, where slices of freshly cooked chicken are added to a lightly-spiced curry sauce with mango. They keep things classy over at Indian Curry House too, but here you get a choice of chicken, lamb, prawns or fish as the star of the show.

They add more of a luxurious finish at Indian Palace, adding saffron into the mix, alongside the earthy flavours of cashew nuts. For a dash of added sweetness, they finish it all off with a sprinkling of shredded coconut.

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