The Caesar salad might be simple, but it's known around the world for hitting that sweet spot between healthy and indulgent luxury. And the good news doesn't stop there – it's almost infinitely customisable. Though originally whipped up on a whim with leftovers, the Caesar salad is still going strong, with places like Teresa's, Do Eat and VIPS still serving it up with style today.

Top of the salad charts

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In a classic Caesar salad, you'll find lettuce, croutons, garlic, egg and parmesan cheese at its core, held together by a squeeze of lemon, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and black pepper.

It's somehow leagues beyond its other salady brothers – there are few salads that have as stable of a place on top of menus across the world. We think it's down to that signature creamy sauce, brought to life with a citrusy zing, a punch of garlic and the earthiness of the Worcestershire sauce. Lunch in the sun or desk-side, it hits the spot every time.  

Julius Caesar's favourite salad?

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Caesar – not just a great Roman emperor, but a great salad, too. Despite sharing a name, the Julius Caesar was never known to have tucked into the dish, mostly because he was born about two thousand years too early to enjoy it. Instead, the salad was first concocted in the Mexican border town of Tijuana by a man named Caesar Cardini — no relation.

He's said to have invented the dish on the 4th July, 1924, while Prohibition was in full swing up in the USA, and he was rushed off his feet by partying Americans looking to celebrate Independence Day in true American fashion. Running out of supplies, he threw together what he had left, adding some flair by tossing it together, table-side. This creamy tossed salad went from its humble Mexican diner roots to become one of the most popular salads in the world.

Salad days

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Offering up Caesar salad the way it should be, VIPS keep things classy. In their César you'll find Spanish lettuce, parmesan, toasted bread croutons and that sauce we all know and love. Add in prawns or crispy breaded chicken, or pile on extra smoked bacon, fried onion and garlic bread for a not-so-traditional-twist.

When you're after more healthy points, head over to Teresa's, where the usual cos lettuce is replaced with the leaf that everyone's talking about – kale. As well as fresh green kale smothered in a mouthwatering home-made Caesar sauce, this vegan wonder has tons of goodies, including sweet  apple, tofu croutons, vegan parmesan, and for that umami hit, shiitake 'anchovies'.

And if you feel like you're getting your health fix enough with all that salad, MyVeg is the place for you. In this luxurious take, you'll find crispy, spiced fried chicken alongside that rich, creamy sauce. Just because it's a salad doesn't mean it has to be virtuous.

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