Whether you're a vegetarian through and through, have the occasional green Monday or just feel like mixing things up a bit, there's no reason why you should have the same vegetarian dishes on takeaway night. These days, there are hundreds of wholesome, vegetarian alternatives to some of your favourite eats. Will you opt for the vegan pizza, the veggie burger or the spicy quesadilla? Here are a few places to check out next time you're going green.

1. myVeg

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Based in the heart of Madrid, myVeg are passionate about fresh, flavoursome, vegetarian and vegan food. They love to put a new spin on a classic, and one of their most popular dishes is their veggie-friendly Lasagna. They ditch the minced beef in favour of diced onion, carrots, leek and green beans, mixed together in a homemade tomato sauce, and topped with cheese to create that all-important golden top.

And don't forget to order a slice of their signature fruit cake to your order – a soft sponge packed with strawberries, pears, banana chunks and topped with a creamy white chocolate, it's naughty and nutritious at the same time.

Where: myVeg, Madrid

2. Enjoy Vegan

As you can probably guess from the name, Enjoy Vegan specialise in all things vegan, so when you want to treat yourself to some goodies with no animal by-products, this is the place for you.

It's hard to pick a favourite here, but we love their Ensalada Antioxidante, packed with superfoods like spinach and lentils, alongside tangy dried tomatoes, walnuts, sesame seeds all brought together with a dash of extra virgin olive oil. Or, if you're looking for a light lunch, their best-selling pita bread stuffed with homemade falafel and hummus is a great option.

Where: Enjoy Vegan, Barcelona

3. Distrito Vegano

The chefs at Distrito Vegano take their passion for veganism to delicious new levels, with a whole host of awesome dishes that even meat eaters will love. Their take on an American hotdog has been a sell-out since they started rustling it up years ago, swapping the sausage for a meat-free alternative, and topping with gherkins, crispy fried onions and a tasty vegan cheese.

And if you prefer other star-spangled goodies like a classic burger, there's one for you here too. Find a patty made with quinoa, served up with green leaves and vegan cheese.

Where: Distrito Vegano, Madrid

Whether you've got the blues or are looking for a treat this green Monday, check out the awesome vegetarian dishes you can get here on Deliveroo.

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