Whether you take yours with mild spices and a pot of sour cream on the side, or turn up the heat by adding extra chilli powder with some salsa on top, a burrito always hits the spot. Super versatile, convenient and packed full of all of our favourite things, it's no surprise that you'll find these Mexican delights just about everywhere here in Spain.

So head to Tierra Burrito Bar for a classic take, and La Heladería Mexicana for some veggie-friendly bundles. But if you're in the mood for something altogether different The Japanese Burrito is the place for you.

Sticking with tradition

A simple flour tortilla, succulent meat and refried beans – according to most Mexican cookery books, that's all you need to make a truly great burrito. Enjoyed by South Americans for generations, this dish is the true comfort food of Mexico, but nowadays, burritos are popping up all over the world.

From seafood to poultry, salsa to guacamole, and caramelised onions to spring onions, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to the filling. These days, you can find just about any filling you can think of.

Fuzzy origins

Although the burrito originated in Mexico, the traditional recipe might not be the one you've tried. In Mexico, burritos are primarily a street food with small and thin tortillas. However, the dish was widely adopted throughout the US and – in classic stateside spirit – they supersized it. Larger tortillas, and bigger, better toppings meant that the parcels had to be wrapped in foil to keep them together.

The exact history of the burrito is a bit foggy, but a lot of people credit Juan Méndez, a guy who sold tacos wrapped in tortillas to keep them warm off his donkey, sometime around the start of the 19th century. Burrito does mean 'little donkey' in Spanish, so we'll stick with Juan on this one.

A fresh take on burritos

If there's one thing chefs love to do, it's experiment with old recipes to invent the next big foodie craze, and that's exactly what's happening to the humble burrito over at The Japanese Burrito. These guys combine classic sushi flavours such as fresh salmon with avocado, or shrimp and wasabi, before wrapping them in rice and seaweed rather than a tortilla.

If you're after something a bit more conventional though, head to at La Heladería Mexicana for burritos packed with quinoa, rice, spinach, tofu, fried beans, onion and cilantro. You can get a meat packed version at Tierra Burrito bar too, and if you're feeling extra healthy, ditch the carby tortilla and get all your toppings served up in a bowl.  

If you'd like to try a new style of burrito, discover your new favourite here on Deliveroo.

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