Bringing a taste of Hawaii to the shores of Spain, the pokè bowl is revitalising lunches across the country. This refreshing raw fish salad has become a new favourite here, and we think that's something to do with its healthy ingredients and the fact that it's super versatile. So here are four of the best places for you to grab a bowl-to-go of your own.

1. Pokè Maoli

If you're new to the wonderful world of pokè, start with something traditional like a salmon bowl. Here, it's rustled up with sushi-based rice, soft salmon strips, fresh cucumber, avocado and ginger for added crunch and a flavoured kick. And if you're not a fan of the combinations on offer, you can create your own dish from their huge list of ingredients. They're also perfect for sharing, as you can get a whole host of different small bowls for a pokè tapas feast.

Where: Pokè Maoli, Barcelona

2. Tiki Pokè

The guys at Tiki Pokè are all about fusion. Their bowls combine the best of Japanese cuisine with the Hawaiian staple, and it's this sushi speciality that take their pokè creations to the next level.  

Give their signature Spicy Tuna pokè a try, served up with sushi rice, fresh chunks of tuna, cucumber, avocado, wakame and a spicy mayo sauce to top it off. You could even opt for one of their Big Bowls – the ideal centrepiece for an outdoor dinner party this summer – and fill it with all of your favourite things.

Where: Tiki Pokè, Barcelona

3. Ceviche Bar

If you're looking for a twist on the traditional bowl of pokè, look no further than Ceviche Bar. Opt for the Aloha Pokè Bowl, where you'll find raw salmon met with roasted algae, Chinese onions, grated carrot and a few dashes of sesame oil and soy sauce. Or, if you'd prefer a fish with a real depth of flavour and meatier texture, opt for the Big Kahuna version – they swap out the salmon for chunks of tuna.

Where: Ceviche Bar, various locations

4. Sushi Shop

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Experts in the art of sushi-making, the guys at Sushi Shop take their pokè fillings seriously. They place a big focus on the healthy, nutritional goodies here, just like their Teriyaki Salmon creation. Here you'll find salmon, avocado, rice, coleslaw, teriyaki and soy sauce, sesame, Thai chives and furikake for an unforgettable flavour combination. And that's not all, there's also their Detox bowl on offer – a zingy blend of raw tuna, white turnip, cherry tomatoes, red onion, pumpkin seeds, all drizzled with a refreshing lime sauce.

Where: Sushi Shop, various locations

If you'd like to try a pokè bowl for a taste of Hawaii, check out your options here on Deliveroo.

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