Subtle yet spicy. Soothing yet lively. The curry laksa is a mysterious mix of contradictions. The creaminess of the coconut milk and the slurp of silky noodles puts this comforting curried soup up there as a winter warmer – but at the same time, its aromatic flavours are alive with sunshine, giving your taste buds a wake-up call too. Tuk Tuk gives it pride of place on its menu of fresh and vibrant Asian cuisine, with this hot tangle of noodles ticking all the boxes for those wonderful everything-all-in-one-bowl meals.

Aromatic origins

Laksa has gone global, and you'll find variations of this dish all over the world – but a few fragrant ingredients almost always make the cut. Crisp citrusy lemongrass. A sharp kick of chilli. A punch of garlic. Tangy kaffir lime leaves. Fresh coriander and galangal. And a good dose of cumin and turmeric, which help to give the curry laksa its trademark golden colour.

With its universal appeal, you can see why there'd be a bit of a food fight over who first came up with this contemporary classic – but it seems that many countries created this sweet, spicy and sour broth all by learning from each other. As such, curry laksa takes flavours and influences from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore – this is a proper Asian fusion dish.

Street food meets haute cuisine


In the spirit of its curious contradictions, laksa embodies both a sense of luxury and relaxation. It's this elusive combination that sees it on the menus of refined restaurants and sitting just as happily at street food markets.

There are endless takes on this spicy broth, but katong laksa is one of our favourites. All the ingredients are chopped up so finely that you just need to hold the dish of hot soup in one hand and dig in with a spoon. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you've got laksam. This sauce is so thick that it's traditionally eaten using just your hands, making it a street food speciality in North East Malaysia.

Awesome Asian ingredients

Asian street food is what inspired British entrepreneur Ricardo Alexander to set up Tuk Tuk in the first place. Our pal Rick spent many years having 'crazy adventures' around Asia, where he became besotted with exploring the inner fabric of Asian cuisine, inspiring him to set up Tuk Tuk.

You can feel the passion in Tuk Tuk's fun and flavoursome menu with its cheeky commentary throughout, and it'll charm you with its exciting array of adventurous Asian dishes. Tuk Tuk sources its ingredients from the best authentic Asian markets, so you know everything is the real deal here. And its Malay Curry Laksa includes fresh prawns, chicken and tofu, so you don't need to settle for just one.

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