How do you make a great pizza perfect? If the answer is 'adding more cheese', you're in the right place. And that's where the Four Cheese pizza comes in. It has not one, not two, but three extra cheeses to sink your teeth into. And if you're in the mood for a gooey cheese feast, we've scoured our partner restaurants to find the best dairy-topped pies in Spain.

Four times the cheese

Although they sound simple, four cheese pizzas have plenty of room for creativity. Alongside classic mozzarella – which could be either fior di latte made of cow's milk or bufala di mozzarella from buffalo – many restaurants add in parmesan shavings. But it's the combination of cheeses that will make your pizza stand out.

A hard cheese, like gruyere, is great for providing the melt factor, and Kilometros de Pizza use soft provolone to give their pizzas extra ooze. But strong-flavoured cheeses also have a place – ripe roquefort makes Oven's four-cheese pizzas sing, while Ginos switch up the milk source and add goat's milk cheese into the mix.

Who made the first pizza?

People across the world have been putting toppings onto dough since time immemorial. The Romans ate flatbread with all sorts of goodies on top called panis focacius – or, these days, focaccia.

The word 'pizza' has been around for about a thousand years, but pizza as we know it today was created by Raffaele Esposito, a Naples resident who wanted to honour Italian Queen Margherita. He topped a flatbread with ingredients mimicking the colours of the Italian flag – red tomato sauce, creamy white mozzarella and green basil – and baked it in a wood-fired oven. The rest, as they say, is history. From there, pizza grew into a worldwide phenomenon – and we've been improving it with extra toppings ever since.

The cheesiest pizzas

If you feel the need for four cheese, then where better to go than Madrid-based Oven? They're a mozzarella bar by trade, so you know their love of cheese knows no bounds. It's a classic Roman-style pizza with a thin and crispy base. The dough is left to rest for 48 hours before being cooked, and the result is an extra-stretchy dough that rolls out wafer-thin, before it's cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven for smoky flavour and extra crunch. Their specialty mozzarella comes with soft roquefort, nutty Swiss emmental, and an extra grating of parmesan to finish.

You could also grab a Four Cheese from Kilometros de Pizza. While they cook huge slabs of pizza in-house, you can get them delivered in much more reasonable 25cm-long rectangles. Their four cheese pizza comes topped with provolone, gorgonzola and parmesan alongside the creamy mozzarella – and it's so good, we could probably eat kilometers of it if we tried.

But for those in need of the ultimate cheese fix, Ginos are here. Their signature hand-stretched pizzas come in Bianca Quattro Formaggi form. The classic red sauce is instead swapped out for cream, and piled up with extra mozzarella, cream cheese, tangy blue cheese and rich goat's cheese. But that's not the end of Ginos' quattro formaggi formulae – you can get your salad with four cheeses, or add bacon and garlic to your pizza for the equally cheesy Lorraine.

Has all this talk of cheese worked up an appetite? Order authentic Italian four cheese pizzas with Deliveroo and we'll bring it straight to your door.

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