Short, spare or baby back – whatever your favourite cut, ribs is a dish most people can't resist going back to again and again. You might reach for an old favourite, like the traditional baby back pork ribs smothered in barbecue sauce like they do over at Meatpacking Bistro, or you might opt for something rich and homely, like the slow-cooked ribs at Mad Grill. If you're feeling really experimental, then the rib packed burger at Ribs' is the one for you.

Ribs around the world

No matter what continent you're on or country you're exploring, the art of perfectly cooking ribs has been mastered throughout the world, and in a variety of different ways. If you're in India, you might encounter exotic herbs and spices rubbed into the meat to give a crispy coating packed with flavour. While in America, it's the sweet, sticky flavours of molasses that coat their tender racks of ribs.

Then there's the choice of meat itself – at home, you're probably familiar with pork, beef, lamb and venison, while further afield, you'll find that the ribs of kangaroo, llama and ostrich prove to be the most popular. Here in Spain though, we tend to stick to beef.

Cooking up a storm

And the variations don't stop there – cooking methods vary too. For that classic barbecue flavour, the meat is grilled over hot coals and smoked to infuse the ribs with those all those punchy flavours.

However, for that trademark meat that falls of the bone, it's often roasted in the oven and basted in juices and stock, but you'll also find it braising then slow cooked for hours and hours on end. But you can guarantee whatever type you go for, they're going to be all-out awesome.

The perfect dish for parties

Barbecues have become not just a fantastically famous cooking method, but a great way of bringing people together and socialising. Being a traditional dish, you can usually find ribs at the heart of the dinner table, so it's good to know of a few restaurants where you can get a variety of different rib dishes.

So if you're after ribs in their classic glory, Meatpacking Bistro's Barbecue Baby Ribs are the one for you. And over at Mad Grill they marinate their pork ribs before leaving them to cook over 15 hours – all you need are the side of coleslaw, seasoned roast potatoes and bacon bits standing by.

But if you're looking for a true feast, try the American Ribs Combo at Ribs – and assortment of beef and pork ribs grilled to perfection, along with plenty of fries and salsa. And if that's not enough, go for one of their aptly named 'Legendary Burgers', the Ribs-in-a-Burguer is stuffed with boneless ribs in a special house sauce, cheddar, almond bacon, tomatoes and lettuce.

If you're ready to tuck into your favourite rib dish, you can order any of these delightful dishes here on Deliveroo today.

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