Detox juices are having a moment here in Spain – super healthy, vibrant and bursting at the seams with nutrients, it's no wonder why. There are loads of places here getting in on the trend, so we've rounded up a few of our favourite for when you want to ride the detox train.

1. Greenshots

If you'd like to order your juice in batches so that you don't run out, Greenshots has you covered – you can order their Detox Packs that include all sorts of flavours, including their sweeter Yellow Detox, with pineapple, coconut water and chia, and their Red Detox, with apple, beetroot and ginger.

Where: Greenshots, various locations

2. Karlito's Juices & Coffee

If you're craving mojitos in the summer evenings but want to keep your clean-eating on track, Karlito's has the answer. Their refreshing Raval juice drink has those familiar lime and mint flavours of a classic cocktail, but it also subs in plenty of kale, spinach and green apple to make sure your body stays strong this summer.

Where: Karlito's Juices & Coffee, Barcelona

3. Fresh & Easy

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The friendly faces at Fresh & Easy believe that healthy living is the key to a happier life. And their Kickstart The Day juice will help you do just that, with an invigorating shot of ginger and lemon. Follow that with their Get Started juice, filled with nine immune system-boosting ingredients including apple, bell pepper, broccoli and avocado.

Where: Fresh & Easy, Madrid

4. The Juice House

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The Juice House has plenty of takeaway options that are perfect for those on a summer detox. Why not try their Super Green juice with apple, cooling cucumber and a squirt of lemon? Or go for the Hardcore Green option, bursting superfoods like kale, spinach, fennel, sweet pineapple and tangy ginger.

Where: The Juice House, Barcelona

5. The Juices Of The World

They've got all sorts of juicy goodies here, from the protein packed Vanilla Cream – with lactose free skimmed milk, banana, vanilla oatmeal and almonds – to the Strength Maca, where you'll find pear, strawberry, forest fruits banana and pure maca powder for a treat that's sure to keep you going. And if you don't like any of their curated creations, you can even design your own.

Where: The Juices Of The World, Madrid

6. Juicy Avenue

The range of detox juices at Juicy Avenue can be ordered in handy, colourful multi-packs, so you can enjoy them on the go, at home or on the way to the office. We recommend their Berry Lemonade for a refreshing sweet treat, with lime, strawberry, watermelon and cucumber.

Where: Juicy Avenue, various locations

7. Zuum

If you're looking to keep things simple, there's a no-nonsense detox juice range at Zuum that contains only a handful of ingredients per bottle, but has a big impact with flavour. Try their Purple juice with apples, beetroot, carrot and papaya if you're looking for a tropical juice twist.

Where: Zuum, Barcelona

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