Inspired by all things sweet and French, Badalona's Kata Crepe brings you all the delights of a Parisian crêperie.

But, along with their impressive assortment of savoury and sweet crepes, they have a wide range of tostadas, bagels and smoothies – all standing by for your next breakfast craving or late-night dessert delivery.

Savoury or sweet, what to eat

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Let's start with the sweet stuff. Kata's crepes can be filled with anything from classic sugar and lemon to whipped cream and nuts. We recommend their Chocolate, Leche Condensada y Fresas for a trio of complementary flavours – chocolate, dulce de leche and strawberry jam.

Their savoury crepe menu contains innovative combinations of gourmet cheese, fresh vegetables, smoked salmon, chorizo and ham. If you just can't decide, order the Completa for a bit of everything – lettuce, cheddar, tomatoes, tuna, ham, capers, eggs and tartar sauce.

Kata Crepe have also injected a little bit of creativity into their selection of tostada toppings. Play it safe with salmon, sweet ham and chorizo, or venture into something a bit different, like anchovies with pepper, manchego cheese or a zingy combination of tuna, olives and tomatoes.

A little bite of NYC

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The bagel menu is a true taste of America – all with catchy New York City names. One of our favourites is the Wall Street, packing in smoked salmon, cream cheese, a gooey egg yolk and capers into a fresh, doughy bagel. The Times Square has a taste of the Big Apple with their cream cheese, turkey breast, avocado and tomato, finished with slices of tart Granny Smith apple.  

Sweet or savoury, crepe, tostada or bagel, everything goes hand in hand with one of Kata Crepe's smoothies or juices. Two of our favourites are the Malecon, with pineapple, coconut milk, papaya and bananas, and the Kite Surf, which packs in mango, melon, pineapple and kiwi.

Good vibes

Kata Crepe is all about showing their customers a good time while they dine, in or out. It's the small details that make it so much more than just a place to eat. It's genuinely a joy to be eating in the establishment – and not just because of the mouth-watering menu.

The restaurant is chilled, modern and fresh. This feeling is reflected even if you're ordering in, with quirky crepe toppings and refreshing smoothies and juices. Their dedication to customer care seeps into the cooking, as they spend just as long perfecting their unusual recipes as they do dressing up their shop.

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