If Paníacos was your local cafe, you would never move house. This Valencia bakery brings the best artisan bread and pastries straight from its own workshop to the counter, serving up the freshest baked goodies around.

Sweet and savoury

The Paníacos menu is deceptively simple. Rustling up sandwiches, panini, pizzas, salads, Spanish rice dishes and all sorts of sweet and salty treats, it could pass for many a lunchtime haunt.

But when you look closer, you'll see that its combinations of Spanish classics and lunch go-toes brings out the best of both worlds. You get all the rich flavour medleys, but whipped up as a delightful lunch options. So you'll get a classy Paella Valenciana, served up to go. And of course, they're only whipped up from the best quality ingredients.

Let's use breakfast as an example – here you'll find a spread of roasted Nespresso coffee, baked pastries so fresh they're soft and warm, toasted robust artisan bread and sweet natural orange juice. It's a time-worn classic done with elegant perfection.

True artisan

Artisan bakeries are enjoying a surge in popularity, with joints popping up all over Europe.

The word 'artisan' usually means bigger expertise and bolder ingredients – as well as a whole load of love and passion for the craft of baking. It also means that more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals and preservatives are used, with more protein and fibre subbed in over gluten, salt, sugar, fat and additives.

You need to be careful of the charlatans who throw the word artisan on without much attention to the detail, but Paníacos is a true example of the artisan trend.  You can trust us on this one.

Naughty and nice

Baked goodies are the life and soul of this place. Alongside a pastry assortment ranging from the sweet to the savoury, you'll also find freshly baked pies, empanadillas, rosquilletas and much more.

We love their selection of paninis for a lunch option that'll keep us going. Try the one with fresh tuna or tart goat cheese and onion, for a low-fat-nutrition-high delight.  If you want something a bit lighter, go for the Ensalada Paníacos for sweet red and green peppers, immune-boosting carrot, fresh cucumber, biting onion, crisp lettuce and juicy tomato.

But it must be said – the assortment of sweet buns and salty bits is what lures most back. The comfort-food pumpkin cake, the sweet nougat cake, the traditional tart of Santiago with its almond flavour, the rich forest fruit muffins with white chocolate, the list goes on.

At home or in the office, Paníacos will have something for you. Order here on Deliveroo.

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