Specialising in healthy, wholesome cuisine, Harina has been wowing locals with their homemade goodies since they opened a few years ago. Seeing themselves as a breath of fresh air in café culture, they're all about fresh, nutrition-packed produce, and – above all – the belief that healthy food can be all-out awesome.

Using only the very best local ingredients, everything is homemade daily on-site – from breads and cakes to sauces and salads – so you're guaranteed that only the best will be hitting plates here.

Healthy eating, clean living

Let's face it, healthy food is having a moment. From quinoa packed salads to juice cleanses, people are getting into healthy eats like never before. But when it comes to food, it can sometimes be difficult to know what the right and wrong foods are. At Harina, they show people that if you focus on fresh ingredients, you can easily live a healthy life – and it certainly doesn't have to be boring.

Just looking at their impressive selection of salads tells us that. These green masterpieces have already gone down a storm – it's not just a few lettuce leaves in a bowl here. Try their succulent Salmon option, with crunchy lettuce, soft cream cheese, cherry tomatoes and their homemade guacamole. Or, if you're a lover of all things superfood-y, try the Avocado salad, where you'll find spinach, goat's cheese, walnuts for texture and a light honey mustard sauce for a kick.

A breath of fresh air

When the guys behind Harina first set up shop, they were determined to establish a new concept in the way of baking. They wanted to prove that simple, fresh ingredients that are cooked up with care matter more than any fancy gimmicks or whacky cooking techniques. And they're must have be onto something, as they're now serving up their homemade goodies from two locations in Madrid.

High-quality, nutritious food is the backbone of Harina, and from their salads to their soups, shakes to sandwiches, you can taste that passion in every bite.

Any time of the day

It's their healthy sandwiches and snacks that have proved to be the biggest hit. Perfectly catering to today's busy customers, their empanadillas are flying off the shelves, with their crunchy golden pastry packing in all sorts of fillings such as tuna, chicken, spinach or cheese and onion.

With a menu packed with freshly-baked products, there isn't much Harina doesn't offer – artisan bread, rustic cakes and craft ice cream. You name it, it'll be here. If you're one for classics though, you can't order from Harina without trying one of their pizzas.

If you want a breakfast with a twist, try their pizza topped with a fried egg and crispy bacon. Or if you'd like a health-conscious version of this dinner-time treat, the artichoke pizza served with dried tomatoes and black olives is a savoury delight.

If excited by Harina's healthy take on cooking, you can order any of these delicious dishes right now through Deliveroo.

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